Physician Team

Physician Team

Hearthstone’s innovative approach was the vision of Dave and Martha Tuthill, long time Oxford, MD residents who were very successful business individuals, Dave in the corporate real estate industry in Washington D.C and Martha as the owner of her own IT software development company. However, their lifestyles were less than stellar due to the long hours, travel, and stress that came with their careers. All his life, Dave has battled weight issues, Type 2 Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, high blood pressure, and asthma. In 2010, Dave reached his breaking point and decided to change his life. Both Dave and Martha decided that to change their life, they needed help and therefore decided to find a wellness-oriented physician, a personal trainer, and a nutritionist to help guide them into a better life. After a few years of hard work, they were in the best shape of their lives! They realized that there are thousands of people who struggle with similar lifestyles and decided to do something about it. At that point, Hearthstone Health + Fitness was created. However, they decided to make their health and fitness facility to be about results and customer service rather than being all about memberships, a model that goes against the grain in the current fitness industry. Furthermore, they decided to dedicate time to develop relationships with the local medical community to narrow the gap between medicine and fitness.


Hearthstone Health + Fitness is fully invested in working with the local medical community to help improve the health and fitness of the residents of Easton and surrounding counties. Our vision is to work hand in hand with the local physicians of every discipline to provide a unique level of health and fitness services. Physicians all over the country recommend better lifestyle practices to most of their patients but do not have a bona fide facility to send their patients. Through Hearthstone, physicians can trust that their health recommendations are being executed by trusted health and fitness experts. Hearthstone provides services that qualify for reimbursement from insurance companies.

Physician Team Members

Dr. Todd Albrecht, DPM
Dorris Allen, RN, CDE
Mike Campbell
Dr. Chris Cianci
Dr. Frank Ciocci, MD
Dr. Jeff Denton, MD
Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck, MD
Mollie, Ewing, CDE
Dr. Michael Fadden, MD
Terry Forbes, MSN, CRNP
Dr. Susan Forlifer, MD
Dr. Curtis Foy, MD
Margaret Gise, PT
Dr. Anish Hinduja, MD
Dr. Kenneth Ligaray, MD
Dr. Faustino Macuha, MD
Kathryne Middleton
Dr. Roger Orsini, MD
Dr. Myron Szczukowski, MD
Kim Larabee, FNP-C
Dr. Bruce Helmly, MD
Dr. Michael Cone, MD
Dr. Khalid Kurtom, MD
Dr. Stephen Lemke, DO

Process of Referral

If you have patients that are in need of better lifestyles, contact Dawn Carbo at Each new member receives a complimentary, one hour long initial fitness assessment that includes a comprehensive medical history review, anthropometric measurements, strength and flexibility assessments, and a movement screening. The results of the assessment is sent to each member with a full explanation of the results and gives recommendations on areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

How Hearthstone Can Help

As physicians, you are given the task of helping your patients live better lives and oftentimes have discussions with your patients regarding weight loss, better nutrition, and overall better lifestyle decisions. Simply put, Hearthstone is here to help your patients follow through with your specific recommendations. In reality, most physicians don’t trust the “gyms” with the care of their patients either because the facility is not safe or the staff are not trained clinically to help patients with their specific needs. Hearthstone is not just another gym. In fact, Hearthstone is staffed by highly educated and nationally certified personal trainers and certified nutritionists that will provide sound fitness and nutritional advice