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Hearthstone Health + Fitness offers a comprehensive nutritional program for those wanting to lose weight, build muscle, or learn “clean” eating habits.
For athletes and those that currently commit to a healthy lifestyle, we are confident you will walk away after each visit having learned something new.

Hearthstone Health + Fitness also offers meals-to-go, nutrition coaching, ionized water, and healthy dining as part of its overall nutritional program.

We are here to help you learn how to make lasting, impactful changes in your life, not just make the number on the scale go down. We are truly compassionate in this area because we have been in your shoes.


Right Start Nutrition Program

Have you been working hard in the gym and watching what you eat… but still don’t see the results you want? Maybe you have tried many “diets” in the past, and nothing really works? Are you ready to make healthy changes to your diet, but are confused about what they should be? Hearthstone Health + Fitness can help you solve these problems by putting science to work for you.

We are excited to offer you a comprehensive assessment of your dietary needs utilizing our Resting Metabolic Test and InBody®. The RMR test is conducted onsite and is as easy as sitting back, relaxing, and breathing into a tube comfortably for 15 minutes. The RMR test provides an accurate measurement of how many calories your body burns at rest, in addition to a breakdown of the type of calories you burn as a source of energy (i.e. proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats).

Hearthstone Health + Fitness also offers InBody® testing, which is a body composition tracking system. InBody® testing is used extensively in university and medical facilities, the military and health and wellness settings throughout the world. Locally, you could access a InBody® by locating a gym that reserved a date with a traveling InBody® vendor. Now, this technologically-advanced test is available to you as part of Hearthstone’s standard menu of fitness tests available daily

The results of both these tests are instant, so we are able to analyze your results and offer our recommendations in a single session. When you make your appointment, we will provide you a 5 day food journal that you will complete and bring with you on the day of your appointment. This will allow us to have a more detailed idea of how and what you eat. Based on the RMR, InBody® results and assessment of your current eating habits, you will receive a guideline of your daily macro nutrient breakdown and a 2 day sample meal plan personalized with dietary information detailing the proper breakdown of calories and nutrients you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

The cost for the Right Start Nutrition Program is $200.

We call this the Right Start Nutrition Program because it gives you the information you need to start your new way of healthy eating. Maybe this is all you need to embark on your journey but, if it’s not, we are here for you. We can put together a customized program of ongoing support with multiple sessions, or a la carte, one-on-one coaching packages. Ask for more details and pricing.

 Additional Options:

25 minute follow up coaching sessions to keep you on track
• 3 session package $150
• 6 session package $270
• 9 session package $360


Nutrition Coaching

Hearthstone’s professionals will be available to work with you one-on-one or in group sessions as part of an accelerated weight loss program, a moderate paced weight loss plan, a muscle building plan, or simply to increase your understanding and use of natural foods to maximize nutritional value. Our Nutrition Coaches will assist you with grocery shopping, recipe ideas, and meal planning and will advise you on the nutritional value of vitamins and supplements, if needed.


Ionized Water

Complementary Ionized water is available at Hearthstone Health + Fitness. Ionized – or alkaline – water acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. Generally, traditional bottled water is very acidic and doesn’t include the important natural minerals for your body found in ionized water.

By consuming ionized water, you are increasing oxygen production and neutralizing harmful free radicals in your body. Your energy level increases and your body begins to correct its acid/alkaline balance while hydrating cells. The overall positive affect of drinking ionized water is that you are giving your body a tool to reduce many of the symptoms of aging.