Stepping Stones Day Care


We are pleased to welcome your child (6 months - 12 years) in the safe, clean environment of "Stepping Stones" while you work out. Stepping Stones is staffed by caring attendants and is a fun environment for our "pebble" members.

Hours: M-F 7am-11am   *No Weekend Availability at This Time*

Pricing: One Child - $20/mo,  Multiple Children - $25/mo,  Drop in $5/day.

  • Stepping Stones is for the convenience of members while using the club. Our well-designed, modern facility is available for children ages 6months – 12 years.  Only one visit per child (children) is permitted daily.
  • Children can visit for up to 2 hours.
  • Staff cannot feed infants or change diapers, parents will be notified via texts.
  • Parents must remain on premises while children are signed into Stepping Stones. Outside jogging is not permitted.
  • No outside food or drink is permitted. Exception – baby bottles, pre-made and labeled with the child’s name and sippy cups, filled with WATER only and labeled with child’s name are permitted.
  • Children must have clean diapers upon entering Stepping Stones.
  • All children’s belongings should be labeled.
  • No toys from home should be brought into Stepping Stones.
  • For safety reason, children checked into Stepping Stones will only be released to the parent or parents that are on the information sheet. To protect your child please have your code to check out your child.
  • Once a child is checked into Stepping Stones, he/she will not be permitted to leave unless properly checked out by their parent.
  • If a child is upset or uncomfortable for a period of ten (10) minutes or longer, the staff has the option to request parental assistance.
  • All children must wear sturdy closed toed shoes and socks while in Stepping Stones.  Please be considerate of the health of all the children in Stepping Stones.
  • If a child is ill, please DO NOT bring him/her to Stepping Stones. If your child has been kept home from school, has a fever of 100 or above, has a runny nose with yellow or green discharge, a rash or has been on antibiotics for less than 24 hours, they will not be accepted into Stepping Stones.  If your child has an allergy or hay fever, please bring a note from your doctor so we do not confuse these symptoms with those of a cold or flu.  Staff has authorization and obligation to deny use of Stepping Stones to sick children.
  • Well-behaved children are always welcomed in our Stepping Stones. Incidents that require discipline and compromise safety of other children may result in removal from Stepping Stones.  Physical aggression of any sort is never tolerated.