My name is JoVaughn Pierce and I am a loyal member of Hearthstone since December 2012. I own my own car detailing business (Pierce Autobody Detailing) on Route 50 in Easton. One of the things I love about Hearthstone is that they are business friendly. They not only support local charities but also encourage their members to use local businesses – especially ones whose owners and employees use the Hearthstone facility.

Not long after I joined, the owners approached me about creating a business-to-business relationship. This was new to me but I was anxious to learn more about it. They were looking to expand the kinds of services they provide to their members and thought that the idea of washing members’ cars while they exercised was a valuable and unique service. I jumped at the chance and we have been working together ever since. Their members love my attention to detail and it’s just another way that Hearthstone demonstrates the kind of support they provide their clientele. How great is it to work out in a fantastic facility and have your car washed at the same time?!

Since then, my business has skyrocketed, what once as a mobile detailing company, to now having a store front/shop in Easton on Route 50. I have landed many new accounts from that simple relationship born in 2013. I’m a huge fan of Hearthstone and all that they do for the community. Yes, my business has grown……….but my biceps are looking pretty sweet, too!