I joined Hearthstone in May of 2014, after making the decision that I had to change. I had broken my right ankle for the 2nd time in my life that January on the ice. I had surgery and a steel plate with 10-12 pins place in my ankle, and I had to be in a cast until April. I put on over 20 pounds and my mobility was very limited since the arthritis from the previous injury had gotten so bad. I had to change my lifestyle or I would not be able to do things I love to do both at home and at my business, Robin’s Nest Floral & Garden Center.

I was introduced to the Hearthstone staff and all the programs they had to offer. They paired me with Bobby Kenton, Personal Trainer, whom did a complete evaluation of my physical condition including; heart rate, blood pressure and body composition (percentage of body fat vs lean muscle). I weighed 283lbs. and had trouble walking. My goal was to lose 50lbs and able to walk without hurting, which was going to be hard since my orthopedic doctor told me I may never be able to walk without a limp or without pain. I don’t like taking pills that mask the pain and don’t fix the problem. I knew exercise and diet were the only way to solve my problems. So this was the challenge for me and for my trainer, Bobby.

Bobby developed a program of cardio and flexibility exercises that began the process of changing me. The weight came off slow, but my mobility was improving every day. I was committed to doing this and went to the gym at least 5 days a week, even when I was out of town and on vacation. I listened to Bobby and made modifications to my diet to where I was/am eating 5 times a day instead of 3, in order to boost my metabolism. I continued to try all the new exercises Bobby would propose, even though I thought I couldn’t do them! With the encouragement and belief Bobby had in me, I was able to do them!

Today, I have lost over 65lbs and I am just a few pounds shy of my weight when I got married almost 35 years ago. I no longer have pain in my right ankle, and can walk, jog and almost run again. I have more energy now at age 57 then I did when I was in my thirties. I continue to train twice a week with Bobby and exercise at least 5 days a week. But more importantly, I can load and deliver plants, take long walks with my wife and many other things I didn’t think I could ever do again. Bobby continues to challenge me to help me make the most of my workouts.

I am committed to keeping this life style change and that has helped me so much. I go to the gym at 6am every morning and have developed camaraderie with many of the members, trainers and staff. Hearthstone is clean with modern equipment and more importantly, it’s a fun place to work out. Thank you Bobby Kenton and Hearthstone for helping me change my health and restore my mobility.

Forging my New Tomorrow…

Ken Morgan