Two years ago, I was sick. And I was also fed up, saying one day, “Enough is enough!”

Fortunately while in line at a grocery store, I met someone who understood the disease I was infected with…. Lyme. She was dealing with the same issues as her entire family was too infected with Lyme’s. She was selling natural products supporting health, and I suggested she meet with Dave and Martha at Hearthstone because Hearthstone’s mission is embracing a healthier lifestyle, and thought they may be interested in talking with her.

We met at the gym one day later, and I signed up for a long trial exercise program… and here I am two years later.

I felt absolutely miserable then, but feel absolutely great today.

When I first arrived at the gym, my energy was low. I could walk little, lift little, worked without breath and ached. Yet I tried and persevered. With strong, helpful encouragement, I made progress, slowly.

Since that first day at my gym, I have lost over 80 lbs. More importantly, I now have some vitality!

Hearthstone, my Gosh, what a wonderful place for encouragement! Motivational thoughts, healthy food tips, great training and superb coaching!

Today I manage my Lyme problems. This disease will never be cured, but Hearthstone and all their great trainers and coaches (especially Faith Brundige)  have helped me to figure out a way to control a major disease.

Thank you Hearthstone! Dave, Martha, Faith and everyone else! You are the best!!!